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Russian Children and Security Checks

Sashenka was sure that nobody wanted to hire her. I had suggested a job that resulted in EXTREME excitement and interest on her part, something right up her alley. And now… no call.

“Persistence, my dear, persistence,” I told her. “You guys fill out an online application and then sit in the corner and rock. Let them see your lovely face….”

Her father echoed the sentiment which further horrified her: “What if they think I’m stalking them, or bugging them too much?”

“No,” he replied, “you are simply updating them that you filled out the latest paperwork after the application.”

Our three youngest children— Sashenka, 17, Mashenka, 19.5, and Pasha, 21, followed my instructions and each landed the job of their dreams. They walked in in person, were told to fill-out an online application and either stopped by within the week (two out of three) or were called (one out of three) within a few days to come in for an interview. Their persistence paid off.  This was getting a job, 2018-style.

Their future bosses commented along the lines of: “You’re adorable!”, “You have a killer smile!”, “Of course, I’d be happy to pay you what you indicated— you seem to be a hard worker!” Each fit the position as though it were made for them, along with being able to learn new skills.

But gone were the old days of applying on Monday and starting work on Tuesday. We learned that establishments now required background checks— and not just those working with kids or the elderly; this was across the board.

Sashenka was nothing, if not impatient: “What’s taking so long?”

“Think about it,” I teased her, “you’re Russian. Everyone in America is checking out Russians’ backgrounds right now.”

At least we could laugh. In the end, they all passed within one to two weeks, breathed a sigh of relief, and there was great joy in the family.


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