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Russian Christmas

Many of the Orthodox churches from Russia to Ukraine to Ethiopia celebrate Christmas on January 7th.  The date has to do with everything from a change in calendars, to the marking of the Epiphany (wise men arriving to visit), to a few other events.

In the Russian tradition, Christmas Eve is marked by fasting, then a large meal with 12 different types of food, then church services lasting till the middle of the night or early morning.  Presents may be opened after the meal.  It’s a family time that’s special and spiritual.

There are secular elements to the holiday, such as Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden who gives candy to kids) and her grandfather, Ded Moroz (a thinner type of Santa).  Children often memorize poems to recite, or songs to sing, for these honored guests.

Should you be celebrating this weekend, “S’Rozhdyestvom Xristovwim!”



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  1. avatar Phyllis says:

    Haha! We didn’t “celebrate” it, but I did use it as an excuse. Two of our boys birthdays are the 9th. We put their birthday presents under our ‘still up’ Christmas tree! lol I’m still adjusting to having a very hectic holiday season with 3 adopted boys in the family that can get over-stimulated quite easily and then landing right into two of their birthdays. This year I decided that I won’t even feel quilty about not taking the tree down until after their birthdays are over from now on. And I can tell others that we are celebrating the boys cultural heritage! (But I don’t think the Irish family living next door has any Russian blood in them to warrant their Christmas tree still being up). : )

    • avatar admin says:

      You know, I’ve noticed people leaving trees and lights up much longer than usual this year. If you try to get through Jan. 7th, it used to be that nobody else had anything up. If you want to last through Jan. 14th (Old Russian New Year– the old calendar thing), then you were really on your own. I notice many with lights still blazing, but most trees that I can glimpse through windows are gone. Personally, I can’t figure out tree pickup in the city, my husband said he read about trash pickup handling it through next Sat…. These could look like pretty big tumbleweeds if they’re not collected-!

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