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Russian Diplomatic Retaliation

usembassyinmoscow1In tit-for-tat sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a staff reduction of the US diplomatic mission in Russia. While the 755 dismissed employees will be sure to cause inconvenience, it is most likely that the majority of those fired may come from the ranks of Russian citizens.

Yes, Russians working in the American Embassy property in Moscow, as well as consulates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok.

I first reported on this phenomenon more than a dozen years ago when we were adopting from Russia. It required that we process documents at the Moscow American Embassy. It shocked me that everyone from security on up were… Russians. I spoke with them in Russian… and I knew… these were not Russian Americans going back to the homeland to work.

No, these were Russians… working in the American Embassy.

In Washington, DC, no such arrangement exists at the Russian Embassy. I’ve visited there on several occasions, as well. All Russians, US embassy - votingthrough and through. And just as the American Embassy Russian personnel spoke Russian, the Russian Embassy Russian personnel spoke… Russian.

So maybe, in this return to the chilly days of the Cold War, we must remember that it will most likely start snowing in Moscow in September. It’s a chilly country in a chilly era.

Though annoying and inconvenient, Putin may have done everyone a favor by expelling 755 employees… most of whom will be Russian cooks and drivers, rather than American analysts and ambassadors. Stranger things have happened.


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