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Russians and Ice Cream

ice-cream1Russians love ice cream, that’s all there is to it. They will eat it in the summer and winter, and that’s really something when you consider a raging Russian winter…. They will consume the pre-packaged Eskimo variety, or the soft-serve in a cone.

Today, I took my kids over to FunRussian.com online where Viktoria told us about different types of morozhenoe (mor-OH-zhen-oh-yeh). As a Russian-Italian-American family, this was not news, but they liked to hear her explain the various flavors.

What we weren’t familiar with was “plombir” (plom-BEER) ice cream, a very creamy and 993icecream_conesugary type. Russian plombir comes from the French “glace Plombieres” which is vanilla ice cream with candied fruits that have been soaked in kirsch.

Almost sounds like cannoli filling….

Fact is, Russians looove sugar. That’s how they end up with so many gold teeth….

Our family laughed and laughed at the thought of “sgoo-SHOHN-noyeh moloko” or sweetened condensed milk. These diminutive cans of creamy liquid sugar were used by my own Russian grandmother for 101 uses and now, years later, kids remember having the milk in so many ways, also. History repeats itself.

sweetenedcondmilkViktoria doesn’t know Alexandra from plombir, but if you want a fun five minutes of Russian ice cream, head over to FunRussian and watch her mouth-watering explanations: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKSacLbPuzs. Then head to Moscow for some morozhenoe!


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