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Same-Old Russian Rhetoric

russian-orphansGod help the Russians.  And the Americans.  And the 300 Russian children still waiting to finish the adoption process and reunite with their once-promised American parents.

There was a Russian-American adoption agreement in place.  Pres. Putin unilaterally withdrew from the agreement, halting all American adoptions, even those mid-process, even though the agreement cannot be broken without one year’s notice on either nation’s part.

Details, details.

Here were 300 children, watching and waiting for Mama and Papa, who would never return.  It had already 454-292-Russian_orphanshappened once in their life, and now they were to be traumatized all over again, thanks to the Russians.

According to well-known statistics, approximately 20 Russian children adopted to the US (out of 60,000 total in the past two decades) have ended up dead.  In Russia, more than this number of children die every. single. day.

Every. single. day.

Over 1,000 children in Russia are murdered each year, said Pavel Astakhov in March 2012, in the wake of Russian orphans in Irkutsknine-month-old Anna Shkaptova’s infant murder.  Russia’s ombudsman for children’s rights seems concerned about such occurrences, yet the majority of his time appears to be spent speaking out on the 20 Russian-American children’s deaths… over the past 20 years.

He and Russian Foreign Ministry human rights commissioner Konstantin Dolgov are now in Washington, “holding consultations” regarding international adoptions.  I can only imagine what “conclusions” they will draw, since their government has already broken international law in regards to adoptions, and continues to allege that Russian children are not safe in America. 

(Forget the 59,980 that are alive and well, let’s focus on the 20 that have somehow ended up dead).Russian_orphans

After this the duo plan to visit the Ranch for Kids in Montana, a therapeutic facility where many of the brain-damaged Russian adoptees end up after threatening life and limb of their adoptive families, who are trying everything in their power to help them.  Astakov and Dolgov are certain that the children there are abused and mistreated because Russian officials are not welcome to come and check on “their children”, who have lived through enough bad times in Russia to last a lifetime and beyond.

Thp.12.19.12.Russiachildhe children are not safe?  How about parents locking up all knives, scissors, and razor blades when out-of-control children enter their home?  Why don’t the Russian officials wish to visit American families whose lives have been turned upside-down?  These are children that the Russian government has been passing off to unsuspecting adoptive families for years, withholding important medical and psychological background files that would have alerted potential parents as to the dangers about to transpire.

Out of desperation, the parents send the children to facilities such as the Ranch, in an effort to get some help and respite, and now the Russians are crying foul… yet again.

“Skaz’kee” they call them in Russian:  fairy tales.  Putin, Astakov, and Dolgov are simply the latest villains, thapparently happy to lurk in the dangerous forest and frighten innocent boys and girls who only want to make their way home to loving parents.

“Kak vam ne stydno” (shame on you).  Take care of your own problems first, comrades.   And feel free to come and visit my well-adjusted Russian-American children anytime, living in the shadow of the Russian Embassy and living the good life that most Russians could never even imagine.  But I don’t think they want to hear success stories, only stories of doom and danger.

In danger, indeed.  Only little children believe in skaz’kee, and only mature adults can turn a tragic tale into a story with a happy ending.  Why not do the mature thing, and allow those 300 waiting Russian children to come home to their promised American families?


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  1. avatar Sam says:

    The Russian government “passing off” kids with disabilities on US adoptive parents justifies the murders of said kids? It is acceptable to ship a brain-damaged or severely mentally ill Russian-born child off to the Montana Ranch for Kids, an unlicensed, uninspected facility where there are no licensed healthcare providers?? Really??

    • avatar admin says:

      Murder is never justified, period. Yet there are plenty of adoptive parents in desperate need of assistance. I personally know families in beyond-severe situations. They contact me all the time. To whom do they turn? Not all have $150,000+ per year for the type of therapeutic, lock-down facility they need. The kids often end up on the street– runaways– or the parents try to “rehome” them with another family who can maybe devote 24/7 to one child. Unlicensed facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and the Ranch for Kids (in my limited opinion and knowlege) is truly trying their hardest. Unless you have unlimited healthcare resources, you basically have very few resources in the US.

      The moral of the story: don’t give interviews. The public will find out about you, and figure you’re “up to something”. No good deed will go unpunished.

      If it’s a proven substandard facility, then the state government should shut it down– not another country. One of our children resided in a notoriously horrible Russian boarding school for orphans– yet other countries have no say over what happens within their high, thick walls.

  2. avatar Jeremy says:

    A troubled child could allege anything. It’s important for all facilities to have cameras or a way to document that all is well. Otherwise lawsuits may be launched against innocent parties. The Russians are calling the kettle black.

    • avatar admin says:

      Verification is smart, that’s for sure, Jeremy. When you compare 20 dead Russian-American children over 20 years in the US, compared with more than that number EVERY DAY in Russia (Astakhov estimates 1,000 kids are killed every year in Russia), it’s hard to see why they’re on a witchhunt here….

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