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Sandwiches for the Homeless

IMG_1794We got together with friends to provide sandwiches for a homeless shelter. Schools, corporations, congregations do stuff like this. Why not us?

Everyone was assigned a job. I was the one with the idea, so I became the de facto supervisor. One family volunteered their home. One guy volunteered to price the food items. Some couldn’t make the sandwich-assembly get-together, so donated toward the cause. Others said they would help and ended up arriving after the fact, just in time for a cup of coffee….

You can see what we were up against, lol.IMG_1795

The guy pricing the food had a Master’s degree in some kind of financial field, but somehow, I got the idea that he knew nothing about sandwiches. As someone who knows how to cook in bulk, I was underwhelmed by his abilities to price the project. Let’s just say that if he had been bidding on the project, he would not have gotten the contract.

IMG_1804Bread you can buy at the Dollar store for… $1. It’s a regular-sized Sunbeam loaf. Naturally, we had some among us argue that the homeless needed whole grain artisanal bread and that any type of Wonder bread should never touch the indigents’ lips. But per our instructions, we were to have two slices of bread, some meat, and some cheese. Those who wanted to make only meat or only cheese had to understand our instructions. We didn’t want a food riot resulting that some got cheese and others received meat….

Each sandwich was packed in a ziplock bag. A granola bar and a piece of fruit followed. They were IMG_1808placed in a brown paper bag, along with an encouraging Scripture verse on a 3×5 card. Our crowd insisted on paper napkins. I was surprised that they didn’t tuck in a $100 gift card, to boot.

The man pricing the food also likes to cook and bake for his family, but I was getting the impression that panini were not his thing. We ended up with individually-wrapped cheese… that we had to unwrap while making multiplied dozens of sandwiches. The bologna still had its casing on, which meant unpeeling each individual slice.

IMG_1826Rather than become overly involved in these unfortunate and time-consuming details, I kept my eyes on the big picture and cheered on the troops. Never mind that there was a huge German shepherd conspicuously close to the food assembly line, or that I was having flashbacks to some “I Love Lucy” episodes where Lucy and Ethel can’t keep pace with the conveyor belt. I appointed myself as Chief Brown Bag Folder and reprimanded those who tried to fold/squash the top of the bag before handing it off to me. Then we pressed the bags into so many open packing boxes.

A wonderful time was had by all with adults and kids participating. The mission was blown away when our folks arrived on their doorstep with scores of sandwiches.

Check the missions and homeless shelters in your area to see how you might become involved, too. Have a great weekend!


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