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SAT Makes Things Right

thIt had been one and one-half weeks since I sent my first e-mail to the College Board, voicing my objection that fully 50% of the students at March 8th’s exam had their calculators seized.  These were approved calculators at an earlier test, and now suddenly, they were verboten. 

No reply.

My husband had phoned several times, starting on the day of the test and speaking with the national office, the local office, and customer service in the Philippines.  Days passed as he was handed off from one to another. A supervisor was supposed to call. 

All they could do in the beginning was confirm was that our calculator was not on the current list.  Finally, oneBay Area SAT scantron admitted that the calculator had been on the list previously, but had been removed.

“Do you know in what century Algebra and Geometry were first being used?  What happened to change everything since October?” he asked them.

“Sir, I can see your point….”

But still no call, no e-mail.

A hand writing out algebra equations.So I phoned and explained myself.  The service person was located in South Florida and sounded fairly intelligent.  He looked up our son’s case and said that this had already been bumped up into the upper-tier management, above what he could do.  If he entered new information, it might bump our case down a notch.

“Alright,” I agreed, “you’ve never heard of me, then.  But can we expect a call soon?”

“Usually it happens in 5-7 days, so it should be right about now.”

A few hours later, Benedetto’s phone rang.  It was 5:30 pm and he was in a meeting, but it was the College college-board-SAT-logoBoard.  He returned the call at 6:30 pm.

The next day, the phone rang at 7:20 am, College Board.  They were scheduling a make-up exam for this weekend, due to the “administrative irregularity” resulting in some test-takers “not being permitted to use approved calculators”.   They were sending an overnight letter detailing the same.

teens-sat-test-gymCould our son attend?  Three days away.  We all felt that he had suffered enough for awhile.

We had the choice of releasing his scores just as they were taken (probably horrible), doing a makeup test, or transferring his test to a later date.  We took them up on their offer for a later date.

With all of the headaches we’ve had from PSAT, SAT, and College Board issues, it was nice to know that they made something right.



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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    Never say never, huh? Excellent news and congrats on the breakthrough!

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