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SAT Score Increase

sat_examLooking ahead to early March and taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), which could be termed an American college entrance exam of sorts, we are attempting to help our oldest son test at the same level as he tests on his regular school exams.  As I’ve written before, the rub is in the fact that he can study for the regular school subjects, whereas the SAT proves more elusive.  It’s an accumulation of knowledge and phrasing, and even culture that was not sat-vocabulary-on-test-formalways part of his life. 

We should be thankful.  Half of all U.S. states administer exit exams to graduate from high school, as do other countries.  These range from one test up to fifteen tests in some areas.

15229153_BG1So, I’ve reported in October and December of last year how Petya tested at the bottom of the barrel on his PSAT and then his SAT, despite earning straight As in his college prep courses.  (Enter SAT into 3-D’s search function and you’ll find the previous blog pieces.)  A smart boy, the tricky English threw the native-Russian speaker for a loop.

Benedetto and I discussed whether or not to enroll him in a sat-prep_Fulltest prep course.  He studied some online with what I would call “lite prep” before the first SAT.  Now that Petya’s preparing to take the test for his second time, we hoped to use materials that would bring his score up higher than the average 30 points claimed by many of the most popular test prep companies.

About that time, I heard of the “SAT 2400 in Just 7 Steps” book written by Shaan Patel (no, I have no connection to him or his book).  This young man brought up his own initial score by hundreds of points in order to earn a perfect 2400 and teaches others how to similarly study.

SATThe good report is, in a recent online practice test issued by the College Board (creators of the SAT), Petya has significantly increased his own score.  While Shaan Patel impresses me as possessing a very higher-than-average intellect, he shows how even the Average Joe can raise his score.

We are still not where we want to be, and Petya is not as diligent in applying himself as I might wish due to his many extracurricular interests, but so far his scores increased by 120 points in Reading,  20 points in Writing, and 220 points in Math. 

Not too shabby.  Best $16 we ever spent.

Hopefully, he will continue his upward climb until he takes his next test in March.


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