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Saying Yes to Life

newsAround the world, news reports make even the strongest of us want to despair. Where’s the world’s culture headed?   I think of young Yazidi and Christian girls offered as sex slaves to ISIS fighters who demonstrate a knowledge of the Koran and in our own American culture, cross-dressers hailed as brave heroes.

Then in the last 24 hours, another ferry crashed in the philippines-ferryPhilippines off of Leyte with many dead or missing, right where a horrific typhoon waged massive destruction only a couple of years ago. And there’s been a 7th shark attack in North Carolina this summer. These are crazy occurrences, almost enough to take the fun out of what should be a relaxing summer.

I say: Do what you can to make the world a better place. Fight for what’s right and moral. Continue to say “yes” to life and to things that are right, no matter who says that right is wrong and wrong is right.



The other day, I received these three sentences in a marketing e-mail about the most positive word in the English language:

“It’s the word everyone wants to hear after a marriage proposal, a job interview or a meeting with a potential client.

The word is YES, and when you hear it from a potential client, it’s beautiful music to your ears.

For me, I especially love hearing someone say YES to something big and meaningful that can change their life or business forever.”

That’s powerful. As we head into a holiday weekend where we celebrate American independence, think AmericanRevolutionof the sacrifices that went into making our country free. These were brave leaders and action-oriented folks, putting the good of the whole above the rights of individuals. In their words and deeds, they said “yes” to life, despite the challenges and uphill battles all around them.

As never before, we need Americans who will say YES to the ideas and ideals upon which this nation was founded. Let’s stand for great things in our country, as well as helping the oppressed worldwide.  God help America and God bless America!


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