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Scholars Who Disagree

thNo one knew what might greet us at the scholarly lecture. An esteemed celebrity-of-sorts would bring a rather controversial talk, one that did not enjoy peer support for the most part. I wanted our oldest son to hear it, as well.

The two of us headed out to the venue, talk to begin at 8:00 pm. A ticketed event, we made sure to arrive early. Little did we know, this enabled the two of us to chat with some of the principals before it began. Priceless.

The theater setting temperature rose to almost 90 degrees. They could not turn off the Presentation-Tipsheat. Attendees were fanning themselves. And this was before any intellectual fireworks began-!

At last, the main speaker was introduced and he took the podium with his power point presentation, chuckling that he had some “very pretty pictures” along with his controversial hypothesis. He informed us that he would speak for approximately 50 minutes, tearing through his topic, before his esteemed colleagues would tear into him….

PresentationAll was cordial and good-humored. I appreciated that my son could see and hear cordiality in the academic realm, not a given by any means when it came to debates.

As the lecturer’s opposers rose one by one to give their opinions on the matter, each did so in a firm, yet congenial way. They either complimented his latest book… up to page 60… or conceded that some of his proposal might have some limited merit.

And then they basically said no, no, no. What he says, simply cannot be, and gave their newsproofs. At the end, all of the scholars shook hands.

The evening made me proud. I wondered how many offices, schools, families and businesses could benefit from such a mentality of cordial disagreement, the old agreeing not to agree, but with cordiality.

Petya benefited, having shmoozed with some of the field’s greats. He saw them each holding their heads high, sticking with their research, while considering another point of view, even if for a moment.



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