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Scholarship Fever

Imagining just for a moment that our kids WILL be attending college, did you know that there’s a lot of money out there, even in economic times such as these?  Maybe I’ve had my head in the sand, or I never learned from my own high school experiences which went something like this when I took the PSAT exam….

“And don’t forget, students, check the scholarship box if your family could use some money to help with college….”

My mind raced.  We didn’t “need money”.  We were not poor.

So I didn’t check the box.  I later learned that with my near-perfect score, if I had simply checked the box, we would have gotten some big, fat scholarship financing.  But these were not discussions that we had with our parents back in the day.

Now, my son has “coaches”, who were walking him through the maze of college prep adventures.  The same ones who suggested that he find volunteer work more in line with his future ambitions (who knew what those might be?), rather than just picking up trash along the side of the road, or scooping soup at the local shelter, for instance.

So they were talking scholarships this time, and they were saying to apply NOW.  They gave him a goal of completing one application per week.  During our parent-student-coach conversation, we had plenty of questions.

“Don’t you need to be imminently enrolling in university?” I asked.

“If it’s a school-specific scholarship, yes, but not if it’s private funds….”

Our eyes were suddenly opened to kids as young as six years old who were banking big bucks for their future educations.  I felt like Rumpelstiltskin awaking from a long nap.

I asked other moms about this, what they had heard at their children’s high schools.  Basically, it was the same kind of unhelpful info that I heard growing-up, sort of in one ear and out the other.  Scholarships for straight A’s with lots of AP courses and extra-curriculars, or for top-ranked sports stars, but for anyone else?

This was the kind of issue that parents needed to know about in order to direct their children.  We’ve been amazed at the types of funding, and the fact that it’s a percentage game—the more you apply, the better your chances.  Some might require research papers, or an essay, while others just ask you to fill out an online application form.   Who knew?

Easy, peasy.

It is a little labor-intensive from the standpoint that, once your student is in the system, the flood of e-mails from schools and scholarships can be overwhelming.  This could become a full-time job.  But, like any job, aim for it to be well-paying and there are no complaints.

Have you been applying for scholarships for your kids?



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  1. What? We’re supposed to be doing scholarship apps already? Or do they have to at least be doing high school level work? Right now Jupiter pretty much wants to work with horses..so hopefully there’s a scholarship for equine studies somewhere. Of course she has ten years to change her mind.

    • avatar admin says:

      Sometimes yes, sometimes no, Wendy. There are some apps that are just for high school seniors, or some for junior and senior high school students, or some for grade school kids-! Just depends what type of scholarship. It doesn’t have to be college- or major-specific until they’re already in university. I never knew-!

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