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Science and the Bible

thI’m attending a scientific Biblical conference for a couple of days that’s blowing my mind. Can’t even think of the last time I’ve been surrounded by so many Ph.D.s in the same room, speaking about very complementary subjects in a variety of disciplines.

Hundreds have gathered to study topics which the scientists simplify for those non-scientists among us. We’re examining everything from rapid fossil formation; the various dating methods of Ancient Egypt’s Dynasties; biomechanics and design in nature; how distant starlight could be observed within the timeframe of a young universe; human genetics and Neanderthals’ hyoid bone (associated with the larynx/voicebox) which allowed for speech, unlike its placement in non-human primates; how soft tissue in dinosaur fossils has been located (which means they were not millions of years old).

They come from backgrounds such as physics, chemistry, biology, archaeology, geology and fossil-fish-10-lgbiotechnology. The presenters are published in peer-reviewed journals and one is even a chess champion who regularly plays against dozens of challengers at one time, or can play blindfolded against up to 12 players simultaneously, moving the pieces from memory.

These are smart folks.

thYet they inject humor into the most serious of topics. The speakers candidly discuss how several of them were once ardent evolutionists, yet became dissatisfied with some of the pat answers like dinosaurs having evolved into modern birds. With heavy hind legs and an even heavier tail designed for balance, one speaker listed comments by other evolutionists showing that this theory violated the principles evolutionary physics and quipped, “This idea just won’t fly.”

While I’m deep in the midst of my own archaeological research, deadlines looming, I’ve found it dino_man_footprint1refreshing to have a change of pace. However, their minds whir at such a pace that I feel like I might be standing still, myself. With conference sessions lasting until 10:30 pm each night, Neanderthals might have a hard time keeping up.

For someone like myself, who might be just as delighted with a basic lecture on the anomalies of Queen Hatshepsut, the only female pharaoah, and one who wore the same, identical, tail-like beard as the male pharaohs, it’s fun to get a mental workout from time to time. So my next session is “Why the Spanish Flu Went Extinct” and other evolutionary predictions gone awry….

Want to join me?


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