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Scottie 911

IMG_3928I asked my kids an innocent-enough question: where was their father? Turns out he caught one of our Scotties on a remote porch scarfing down mouse poison that had fallen to ground level.

Mouse poison-!

Before he could tell anyone, he scooped up 20-pound Misha and whisked him off to the veterinary hospital five minutes away. And none too soon.

When we noticed that Benedetto was missing, I figured that he had stepped outside. I texted him and when he got back to me, my heart stopped. Misha-a-a-a-a!!!!

The vet gave him an injection in his leg in order to induce vomiting. And he puked up the poison, IMG_4473thankfully. Meanwhile, I was home with Grisha. Had he ingested the stuff?

There he was, crying at the door. Grisha missed Misha… and my husband. Or was he crying because he was sick, too? Who knew?

The text came back: check his teeth for any green or blue poison flecks.

Before you knew it, I had the little guy on my lap looking at me quizzically while I lifted up his right lip and then his left lip. Grrrr…. Granny, what big teeth you have! I couldn’t pry open his jaws to take a peek at his tongue, nor did I feel it appropriate to press on his still-pink gums to see if they would morph from white back to pink in under three seconds.

He seemed fine, I thought.

IMG_0566I gathered the kids and we all prayed for the dogs. Minutes ticked by. At last, the news came that the vet was discharging Misha, but not before I had run a full search on the internet, indicating that his internal organs could stop working and begin hemorrhaging in a few days’ time. Misha-a-a-a-a!!!!

This was my big baby. In two hours’ time, he was home, hopefully done with his ordeal once and for all. We hugged him and kissed him and fed him, leaving the blue bandage for now on his hairy Scottie leg.

So much can change in just a minute. Thank the Lord that all is well and kiss those you hold dear.


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