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Scottie Rescued from Raisinets

IMG_3922We don’t have much candy in our home, we truly don’t. But some retired friends pass a few mini-candy bars, or M&Ms, or Milk Duds to our kids on a once/week basis. Yep, let’s pin the crime on the old folks….

Turns out that Misha the Scottish Terrier jumped up and down and finally nudged the Raisinets off of a dresser. Yes, he did. Pasha, our second son, found him and rushed to me.

“Mama, Misha was chewing on this!” he showed me the empty Raisinet box.

“What-?!” I started shaking. “How many did he have? Was it a full box, or just an empty box?”IMG_2507

For once, I was actually hoping that my family had not thrown a cast-off candy box in the trash….

Nobody knew.

I called Benedetto, in a panic, fully understanding that chocolate for dogs was toxic, but grapes or raisins were even more deadly. Some dogs could eat one grape or raisin and die. Misha had just ingested an entire boxful.

IMG_3930We both decided I should rush him to the vet. He called ahead while Petya, our oldest son drove me there. They were waiting for us.

“The raisin thief?” the assistants asked as I rushed with the big, black bruiser in my arms, his eyebrows leading the way.

“Yes,” I said breathlessly, wondering if he would be okay.

I loved him so much.

They whisked him to the back for the veterinarian to assess him, asking how long it had been since he ate the raisins.

“Maybe half an hour…?”

We were advised to take him from the vet to a nearby pet emergency room, where they could induce IMG_1428vomiting and put him on an IV drip for the next day or two.


I felt like crying. We were due to leave town in under 24 hours.

Petya drove again and Benedetto was at last able to meet us there. The emergency vet induced vomiting in Misha after I showed him the empty package of 3.5 ounces of Raisinets. The doctor said we needed to administer activated charcoal and get the IV drip going for 24-48 hours in the emergency facility.

The medical assistant brought in a plastic bag of the raisins Misha had thrown up.

“That’s all?” I asked.

“Oh no, it was a good pile. This is just a sampling….”

IMG_0620I wish I had asked how they obtained the sample, but at just under an hour after ingestion, it appeared that he had thrown up all of it.

“If it’s all out of his system, will he be okay?” I asked the vet, understanding that chocolate wasn’t so great, either.

“We just don’t know. The activated charcoal may be given to him orally. This helps to bind any toxins, absorbing them and removing them from his body. Then we need to hydrate him continuously to ensure that his kidneys function,” he explained, also adding that we should bring in our second dog, Grisha and induce vomiting to see if he had gobbled any of the candy.

Benedetto said no. He basically wasn’t buying any of it. Misha was the perpetrator, in his opinion and he had acted alone. After all, we lived with the guy and he was the one constantly on the prowl for mischief. The dog had vomited up the raisins. Case closed.

I felt like crying. I kept praying.

They brought my exhausted Misha back and we took him home. Benedetto and our oldest daughter, IMG_0688Mashenka, gave the 20-pounder his activated charcoal in liquid form, a sort of syringe-minus-needle that we were to squirt in his throat. We had been forewarned to do it outside. Sure enough, he tried to spit it all out.

The vet gave us enough for Grisha, the other Scottie, just in case, and he swallowed it happily. Go figure.

We ensured that Misha drank a lot of water through the early night and kept the prayer going. He’s doing fine. We have checked and rechecked every countertop and safely put into cabinets any candy along with sugar-free gum (xylitol is deadly for dogs).

The next morning I caught him with a pilfered table napkin. How or where he got this is anyone’s guess. But we will do everything in our power to keep Misha safe.

Thank you, Lord.

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