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Scotties on Spring Break

Since we’re homeschoolers, our schedule is slightly different than the norm.  We tend to have the kids in school year-round, preparing them for real life, and giving small breaks here and there whenever possible.  Maybe a camp experience in the summer, a visit with Dyedushka (grandpa) in the fall, a daytrip here or there when possible….

This week, we’re taking a couple of days off.  Plus, Petya is in training for a big tennis tournament and we’re out on the courts a lot.  But before any of that, we decided to get up early at the dacha and head out to the beach… with… the dogs.

The dogs had been once before, a couple of years ago, and it had not gone well.  One pooped in the surf, and we were horrified, not anticipating such events, and forgetting the plastic bag.  The leashes wrapped around Benedetto’s legs, I think, as he sunk deeper into the sand, and said sausage started rolling toward him on the water.

It was not a great experience.

After that, we had also taken them once before to the shore in New England.  Rocky coastline, long walks, and diving seagulls had crazed them.  They strained at their leashes and barked non-stop, no matter how much we tried to calm them.  The kids ended up carrying the two, big, panting babies back to the car while elderly hikers laughed.

This time we were ready.  It was a foggy morning, early enough so that not many people were out and about.  Other than a couple of jellyfish high on the shore, there were not even many shells to dodge, which was just right for the dogs’ paws.  They pulled me toward the sand and sea like camels charging toward an oasis.

On the shoreline, I turned them over to the girls.  The boys wanted to hike up their pants and explore.  All had new watershoes for this summer, good for walking on sharp shells on the beach, or running on scratchy pool bottoms.  The kids loved the watershoes, while Misha and Grisha simply wanted to bark at the waves.

In the waves came:  woof, woof, woof!

Out the waves went:  chase, chase, chase!

They loved it.  Our wet, little water babies splashed, and played, and ran, their powerful bodies giving the girls a workout.  Amazingly, in the early fog, there were no birds, and the shells were hidden at high tide.  All was safe and sound for the Scotties.

The family returned to the dacha, everyone took showers, and we gave the little guys a bath, after which they promptly konked out.  I thought I saw the dogs smiling in their sleep, dreaming of riding the waves.



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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Look at those noble profiles, gazing seaward (picture 2). Worthy of a painting by a grand master- which should be hanging in a museum, next to American Gothic. What profound thoughts are the doggies thinking? Could be the subject of a great novel- too bad Hemingway is gone.

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