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Scratchy Clothing Tags

clothing_labelsYears ago, I discovered a little trick for kids who have issues with scratchy clothing tags.  Our boys, in particular, could not stand any type of label at the back collar of their shirts. They each came home from Russia at separate times, one at almost 8 years old, and his friend four years later at almost 12. With time, the sensory issues abated, but in the beginning, they acted as though they were being stabbed by knives. 

Was it a neurological dysfunction caused by fetal alcohol exposure, or was it a simple childhood irritant?  Who knows, yet it bothered me that it bothered them.

And thankfully, many of the t-shirt or polo style shirts now come with no labels, except the information thstamped on in ink.  But when they needed to wear regular shirts….

I didn’t realize until the other day, there I was with a brand-new, designer blouse, over $100 originally, and marked down to $20.  (Anything with long sleeves and a collar to keep the sun off of me.)  There I stood in the bathroom with my delicate nail scissors and it jogged my memory to remember how this maneuver has helped me, as well, over the years.

Snip, snip, snip, snip.

clothes_label2No, I was not cutting out the label, instead, I clipped the four, pointy corners of the scratchy clothing tag.  Nowadays, I didn’t even wait to see if a tag irritated me.  I rarely clipped any of the kids’ tags anymore, but, by habit, I always clipped mine-!

Yep.  Pavlov’s dog.

By cutting the tag kitty-corner on each 90-degree angle, the hard corners were removed.  The tag remained basically intact, however, the major irritants were gone.

A simple cure for a thorny issue.

You heard it here, friends.


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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Loved the photo that says “or give it to your Mother, she knows how to do it”.
    I hate any tags and have always clipped them for myself and the children. My husband has sandpaper skin so nothing bothers him.

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