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Season’s Greetings from the Scotties

IMG_3507What are Misha and Grisha doing for the holidays, you might ask?  Then again, you might not ask, and think of all the fun you would miss.

The two Scottish Terriers anticipate rawhide twisties to gnaw on, fires to doze in front of, and holiday celebrations in the dining room when a scrap might drop (please! please!) from the table. 

Here they are visiting babushkas in the nursing home, bringing them some cheer until Grisha decides to growl at one resident under his breath and we are thankful that she’s hard of hearing.

The little boys are wearing their holiday finest, the same tartan plaid jingle-bell-and-bow collars we pull out every year.  IMG_0045They fit loose enough that the Scotties can tolerate them for a while, let the papparazzi do their thing, and then go back to their usual cute selves.

IMG_3497This is Misha’s happy holiday look.  He’s really in there under the eyebrows, somewhere.IMG_3498

This is Misha’s “All-you-got-me-for-Christmas-was-underwear?” look.

IMG_3499At last, I decide to brush back his bushy brows.  Look, there he is, it’s Misha, who believes he had ancestors present at the Nativity.IMG_3494

Here’s Grisha konked out on the couch, his dreamy hazel eyes keeping watch over our flocks by night.

Then it’s time for a holiday constitutional in the snow:  would you like to join them?  And why aren’t they wearing their sweaters?

Boys will be boys.


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