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Selective Service for Our Son

SelectiveServiceSystemIt’s true: Petya will turn 18 next week. According to the law, any male living in the US needs to register with the Selective Service System within 30 days of his 18th birthday. If there’s a problem, he can still apply through age 25, but after that, he could be denied different types of governmental benefits or even certain types of jobs.

He can register online or at any US Post Office. They prefer that the young men have a social security number, but that can be added at a later date should the guys not have one. Illegal immigrants and other non-citizens also need to apply with no risk to them.

Benedetto relates his own draft stories to the kids. Those were the days of Vietnam and his number came out high in the lottery. He and other 18-year-olds newly in college took the bus ride to the testing thcenter, spending the day in their underwear, moving from physical to psychological tests. Eventually, he was injured in football, undergoing knee surgery, and the that was the end of the draft.

And here we are with our sons and Selective Service.

Wow, it’s a lot to digest. This means the military. Not exactly the draft, but a just-in-case kind of thing….

Our President plans on sending troops, not to blast the icing off of ISIS, but to West Africa to fight the Ebola virus. It’s already killed over 2,000 people and probably will claim 10,000 within six months.

My question is: if doctors, who take every precaution to protect themselves and others, are coming down with Ebola, how in the world are we going to protect 3,000 troops? What if they return to the US after deployment, and don’t even know, yet, that they’ve been infected?

Does this really take precedence over the war on terrorism? I’m all for supporting local Iraqis in the war against ISIS, yet how can that truly be accomplished apart from ground troops? And what role will my two sons, who both turn 18 within two months of each other, play?

Selective Service, here we come.


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  1. avatar Leah says:

    Here is another twist: 8 international Ebola aid workers were killed this week within days of their arrival in Guinea. The locals turned against them out of fear! Not only may the virus kill our troops, the natives may also.

    • avatar admin says:

      Just saw that myself, Leah. Very disturbing. I wonder where they were from? The number included three journalists and a preacher and the locals thought the aid workers might be there to infect them. This is not going to work….

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