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Selfie Accidents in Russia

thQuick-! What could be more dangerous than a Lada-driving Russian careening over crowded sidewalks simply because the streets are even more congested with traffic?

Apparently it’s a Russian taking a selfie, you know, that narcissistic self-portrait that most Americans are satisfied to take in the privacy of their own bathroom, but Russians have to take hanging off the edge of a cliff, or something. With more than 10 deaths and 100 accidents from self-absorbed individuals taking selfies, Russia revealed plans to release a Guide to Safe Selfies, lol.

Now, personally, I would argue that if someone points a Russian-Photographer-Takes-Vertigo-Inducing-Selfies-Atop-Dubai-Skyscraper-2pistol at their head that accidentally detonates, stands on a train track with live wires, or pulls a pin from a grenade while snapping a cute shot, well, I’m not sure that a website or brochure is going to help them.

But there it is, loud and clear in Cyrillic with street-sign-like thimages crossed out in big red circles: with live animals, on the roof of a building, while tumbling down stairs backwards…. I mean, if you have so much time on your hands, and have such a need for “likes” when you post your images, listening to sensible and rational arguments might not be high on your list.

Would someone tell the Kardashians?

Meanwhile, don’t be careless, comrades. Death by selfie is not the way to go.


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