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Seniors’ Day Celebrations

tennisMy eldest son lives a country club life, similar to how I was raised. On the tennis courts with his friends most every afternoon, he plays for the local high school. Now that he’s a senior, Petya celebrates Seniors’ Day along with his buds.

Benedetto and I arrive with the other kids to the command performance. It’s not easy coordinating our schedules to be there, but we all enjoy seeing him shine. The coach has a few words to say about each of the four boys, their particular personalities and contributions to the team.

All are beaming.

The boys present their parents with bouquets of flowers, while the school provides them with a huge, framed and matted, tennis-lesson-img8070_6682×3’photo of each player in action. Muscles bulge under jerseys, handsome, determined faces focus on follow-throughs smooth as silk.

Petya introduces us to his doubles’ partner for the day, we chat with the other parents, all talk eventually winds around to each boy’s college plans. The pride, the concern, the excitement come through at every turn.

This is what life looks like when it stretches out before you, bright and beautiful, birds singing, rainbows spreading overhead. Beyond academics and sports, the boys have nary a care in the world. I don’t think any of them have girlfriends. They’re all smart and mannerly, keeping their options open for a fab life ahead.

Tennis_Anger_01_300x350A couple of younger players have anger issues. Over the weekend at a tournament, one teammate broke two racquets. I contrast that with the fact that Petya broke also two racquets, just before spring break, not in a fit of rage, but because he was playing really well and simply blasted right through them.

I notice that his parents are never at games. His mother today is reported to be out of town, and his father has to work.

I understand. This year, I have more on my plate than last year, and I wasn’t able to be at every single game. We had to move heaven and earth to attend this celebration, but we’re so glad we could and did.

Another mother cries quietly, tears dripping down behind her sunglasses as she watches her son, suddenly all grown-up. A 900x900px-LL-b44f24af_modulescopperminealbumsuserpics586063Os__Graduation_034_Standard_edifferent dad and I swap grad school stories as he prepares to graduate next week with kids that some of his older children knew. A couple of doctors arrive in their scrubs. One couple that’s generally always at their son’s games is absent and we fill in, cheering for him, as well.

Our own little mini-microcosm, so many stories starting and finishing different chapters all around us.

Petya and his partner handily win their matches, despite a rocky start. We clap politely, noting good shots on both sides of the net. When all is done, and a congratulatory cake is consumed, we head home, both thankful and exhausted.

We have one another and for this freeze-frame of life, that’s enough.


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