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Serious Scholarship at the Archaeological Society

Collin County Archaeological SocietySomewhere near you there’s an archaeological society meeting underway. It’s likely going to be on a midweek night and combine presentations from both professional and avocational archaeologists. Depending on the intensity of the group, the scientific vocabulary may, or may not be over the top.

And there will be a lot of attendees in khaki cargo pants.

The professionals will most likely arrive in boots and t-shirts with their khakis, straight from the field. The lab folks and archivists working with artifacts might arrive in jeans and tennis shoes, all variations on a archaelogisttheme of cool casual, while the attendees come in khaki, khaki, and more khaki, along with sandals, or sandals and socks.

It’s a trip. It’s educational. It’s fun. And it’s usually free.

Our family is a member of the local archaeological society chapter, as well the state’s group. The dues range from under $20/year to under ARJavaJolt$50/year according to whether you’re a student, an adult, a retiree, or a family, etc. What you receive in return are quarterly or monthly newsletters full of dig opportunities and local archaeological news.

Plus, the lectures that will get your little grey cells working overtime….

Prehistoric and historic sites are discussed from every possible angle. Presenters bring slides and powerpoint presentations. Just keep your 415_Blueberry_Hill_and_Cactus_Hill_with_IDs_copyeye on the bouncing laser pointer….

Whether it’s in the national or county parks, clearing the land before a new road or residential development or cell phone tower goes in, the archaeologists are on the ground doing their thing. The discoveries are often illuminating, giving us a window to the past.

Tune in and see what’s happening with an archaeological society near you.



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