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Service That’s Not Forgotten

indexVeteran’s Day, with its smattering of sales, parades and concerts, could easily pass without one taking note. We loved, wherever we were, to often recognize the veterans among us and give them a round of applause.

This year was much the same with a few exceptions.

One, we saw an electronic billboard feting them, which read, “Eternally Grateful” against a patriotic theme. That was new for me. Very nice.

Secondly, my husband and oldest son walked into a gas’n’go establishment where  Veterans-Day-ImageBenedetto bought a coffee.

“Are either of you a veteran?” the clerk asked.

“No,” my husband shook his head, a severe college football injury having exempted him last-minute from Vietnam.

“Any relatives who are veterans?” she pressed.

“Yes, my father,” he said, telling of his dad’s landing in the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

”The coffee’s on us,” she smiled.

That was new.

thThirdly, our family visited a nursing home. There, two elderly men sat eating their supper in the dining room. The pair wore the familiar caps of veterans.

“Talk with them,” I urged Petya, who had just been registered with selective service on his 18th birthday.

Over he strode, shaking both men’s hands. One had served in World War II and the other in Korea. Their faces beamed to be remembered.

That was new—passing it on to the next generation in an upfront and personal kind of way.

Thank you, men and women of our American armed forces! Your service matters.  Honor.  Sacrifice.  Defend.


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