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Seven Reality-of-Life Tips

th1. You care more than anyone else. Don’t expect others to rescue you, carry you, reason with you, nor support you. Except maybe your mother, particularly when you’re young. Eventually, others will get tired. Then you will be alone again. You must care for yourself and aim to be the best you can be. Because nobody else much cares what happens to you.

2. Care about others. If this seems to fly in the face of number one (see above), it does. May be a conundrum, but so is life. They don’t care, but you should.

3. Pursue your dreams… which sounds dreamy… however, it’s follow-your-dreamSurvival 101. Hating your life means hating yourself and life is too short. Refer to number one above. Only you can make yourself happy and only you can craft your dream life. Doesn’t mean that everything always goes well all the time, however, you’re headed in the right direction because you choose to follow your inward compass. Not someone else’s.

speak14. Make the world a better place. This is no cliché. By giving back, you sow into your own future.

5. Say five positives for every one negative. This will make very little impact, if any, to those near and dear to you if they are working with deficits of their own. Then work up to a 10:1 ratio. At times, it may seem impossible to even come up with one. Yet, it will affect you just as much as them and you will begin to look on the bright side more and more.

6. Live a life of no regrets and no excuses. Such a statement should not be an encouragement for carousing, instead, for largecarefulness along with a certain joie de vivre. Seize the day as long as it’s the type of day that will not embarrass you later.

7. Work the Lord into your life and not only as the parsley on the top of the main course, or as a side dish. Everyone has events, episodes and experiences that were never intended. You will need help from above, so get to know His voice now. Be thankful, be grateful, and expect greater things to be coming your way.

That’s it. Seven simple realities and responses that will move you forward in life.


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