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Seven Tips to Staying Young-!

As we grow older, it’s best not to compare ourselves with others…. Yet, everyone else will-!

I read an article by a health expert known for stemming the tide of aging. Photos of him, sans shirt and also with snug-fitting t-shirt showed him to be in top shape with the body of a man in his 20s or 30s.

If you ignored the veins in his biceps, lol. Details, details. If I were his marketing advisor, I would recommend he keep the shirt on…. But he looked good. His face showed the normal wrinkles of someone at his age, along with the white hair which was stylishly cut.

I thought to myself: he looks good for someone in his 70s or so. Really good.

Then I researched his age and found him to be in his early 60s.

Oh well. At least he was healthy and offered a number of good tips!

Today, I’m delivering Seven Tips to Staying Young. And no, I’m not sharing my age, lol, but suffice it to say, I know what I’m talking about-! Most guess my age at quite a bit younger than it really is. So here we go—follow these directives and not only will you look younger, you’ll feel better and enjoy a longer, healthier life, for sure:

1. Exercise – Go for a one-mile walk once a day. Should take you about 20 minutes if you’re moving along. Every five minutes or so, add a 30- or 60-second sprint to increase your heart rate. Maybe three times a week, add about 15 minutes of weight lifting, resistance or stretching. Avoid any marathon that damages your joints and your immune system. Exercise should, over time, make you feel better and more alive, not exhausted and feeling worse.

2. De-Stress – Take a chill pill, minus the pill-! Relax. Breathe in for 10 counts, and out for 20 counts. Don’t let drama overtake your life. Avoid toxic people. Don’t worry, be happy. Choose to rise above the negatives in life. Don’t dwell on downers. Take a 5 minute break morning, noon and night. Envision beautiful places and everything going well. Breathe!

3. Eat Healthy – You know the drill—protein, veggies, pure water. Eat anti-inflammatory superfoods from a few berries each day to colorful, non-starchy vegetables. Kick sugar, processed foods and most carbs to the curb. Forget juice, soft drinks and diet drinks which are not the healthiest choices. Consume food in its most natural state whenever possible, choosing to grill or bake over frying.

4. Love – This powerful, feel-good state of being releases oxytocin. Find someone who loves you, truly loves you—for being you. No constant demands to change yourself, no constant blaming you for their problems. You deserve better. You deserve functional, at least-! After that, add love, honor and cherish to the list. If that’s not available in another human being living within 500 miles, get a dog. They’re loving and faithful; they make you smile. In case you’ve never been in love, that’s the direction in which you should be aiming.

5. Smoothing Wrinkles – I am not against a few smile lines around the outer eyes, or in the nasolabial area on either side of the mouth. They add character and speak of a life well-lived. But when hairline cracks turn into the San Andreas Fault, able to swallow a small car, or when the frown lines between the eyes give the appearance of constant anger, it might be time to moisturize! As a preventive measure, use a moisturizing sunscreen on a daily basis. Also, try some Retinol, the nonprescription, milder form of Retin-A, which should be smoothing to your skin.

6. Keep Your Mind Active – Take a dance class which regularly changes the choreographed steps that you’ll need to remember, do some Sudoku, crossword puzzles, volunteer somewhere that you need to learn new skills or procedures. There is a mind-body connection that’s vital to keep in top shape as we age gracefully.  Memorize Scripture or poetry and while you’re at it, please keep your sense of humor!

7. Engage in Fun Activities – Travel the world, train rescue dogs, throw your own picnic on the beach, dress in a fresh & fun style, dine by candlelight… every night! Who says you can’t enjoy? Keep it light and keep it happy.

Target these seven tips for starters and see the years melt off before your very eyes!


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