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Shana Tova 5773

Happy New Year to our friends far and wide!  Holidays are always special times at our house.  Let’s just say that if there’s a chance for dress-up, prayer, and matzoh ball soup, I’m there.

The children were so sweet.  They prepared a list of conversation starters, thoughtful questions, as well as making toasts to their father and me, to their siblings, for a sweet new year.

At Rosh Hashana, all is about sweetness and happiness.  What’s not to like?  There are apples dipped in honey, circular challah bread dipped in honey, our doggies even wanted a lick of honey, but they satisfied themselves with a slurp of the soup.

On the other hand, the smoked beef brisket was a little salty for my taste and everyone said they thought it tasted like bacon.  Odd to be the focused food at a Jewish holiday….

There were pomegranates, and apple cake, and I don’t know what.  Everyone passed out shortly thereafter, we were so stuffed to the gills.  The dogs slept like babies, blissfully content to bask in the happiness of it all, one eye open lest a crumb drop to the ground.

They echoed within themselves the Shehecheyanu prayer, thanking the Lord for keeping us alive, sustaining us, and bringing us to this season.




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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    A happy and healthy and prosperous year to your family.

    The beef tasted like bacon…..hilarious!

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