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Shooting the Opposition Messenger, Russian-Style

7EA309DD-C9B0-4C23-888F-C36508924259_mw1024_n_sYet another of Russian President Putin’s opponents was gunned-down over the weekend. Boris Nemtsov, 55, walking across a bridge over the Moskva River with his Ukrainian model-girlfriend, 23, near Moscow’s Kremlin. He was shot to death from a speeding car and his companion remained unharmed. She is being held as a witness.

The opposition leader Nemtsov planned to march-memory-boris-nemtsovhold an opposition rally on Sunday. Instead, it turned into a memorial rally for him, gathering crowds similar in size to the anti-Putin protests of 2011-2012.

This simply adds to the list of those who have been murdered, jailed, or fled the country during Putin’s third term in office. The bold move, of murdering one so physically close to Red Square, is unprecedented.

Politkovskaya_Anna_01_03It reminds one of the 2006 shooting murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya outside her Moscow apartment on the occasion of Putin’s birthday.   Also, it conjures up images of Paul Klebnikov, American editor of the Russian Forbes magazine, shot and killed outside his Moscow office in 2004.

According to the Moscow Times, opposition leaders do not rest easily under the regime of the former KGB leader Putin. “Opposition blogger Alexei Navalny is serving a 15-day jail term, preventing him attending Sunday’s march in Moscow. Kasparov is based in the U.S. and former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, freed in late 2013 after a decade in jail, lives in Switzerland.”

Apparently, Putin has vowed to carry out an investigation into Nemtsov’s death.

Scary indeed.


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