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Should We Rescue Risk-Takers?

bowe-bergdahl1With the return of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Taliban detainees, questions surround whether or not Bergdahl deserted before his capture. Today, in light of the cost of military lives expended in his release, 73% of Americans support charging him with a military crime if he did desert.

Which begs the question: does everyone deserve to be rescued?

What about the many snow skiers who head to the backcountry, the heli-skiing-595remote areas where groomed trails and ski patrols are absent, where avalanches and crevasses lurk? Then there’s heliskiing where the ante is raised by carrying skiiers via helicopters to even more remote locations.

Now there are three Israeli teens, yeshiva students, who were hiking article-2657135-1EB4382300000578-790_640x3291-550x282in the West Bank near Hebron and kidnapped. One has dual citizenship and is an American. Having known my fair share of Israelis who have been victims of terrorism, my heart goes out to anyone captured by Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS, or any other devil-du-jour. Yet, overtly Jewish-looking kids (we’re talking clothing here) hiking in predominantly-Arab areas doesn’t make much sense….

So we ask: do people taking dumb risks deserve to be rescued?size0

Accidents happen. But for the grace of God…. Who would wish this on their worst enemy? The wrong place at the wrong time. Using poor judgment. Pushing the envelope… or maybe the entire package. Add a bit of bravado or stupidity into the mix, and it’s disaster-in-the-making.

If we want to be honest, these are often the kind of victims that require rescuing.

So should we?

Probably so. But it might be a good idea that they incur some of the expenses of the life-saving efforts on their behalf.

What do you think?



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  1. avatar abby says:

    Here’s the deal: people do idiotic things or run into accidents that never should have occureed. Depending on the situation they most likely should pay some sort of remuneration to their governement even if not the full amount of rescue. When coming through a traumatic situation I would never allow them or family members to speak at a press conference esp. at the White House. Esp. not in Arabic or whatever!

    • avatar admin says:

      I hear you, Abby. It could be a dicey situation because of the Stockholm Syndrome where the kidnapped person starts to identify more with their kidnappers through brainwashing. They may say things they later regret. Each case should probably be decided on its own merits and how much someone’s own behavior “led to” their kidnapping, or if it just randomly happened. Kidnapping is generally cheaper and faster than war. It has a big psychological warfare impact when groups like ISIS make full color movies about their atrocities….

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