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Showing Up in Life

college_classResearchers inform us that much of a college student’s success may be accurately predicted by their ability to show up to class. Sleep in, cut out, skip class, goof off—it all spells trouble.

The same may be true for lots of life: show up and you’re well on your way. Whether it’s the office party, the new mother’s coffee, the staff meeting, the church or synagogue service, the family gathering, the workout session, simply getting yourself there is more than half the battle.

Come prepped with an appropriate topic of conversation or an encouraging word for someone else lectureand your success quotient has just jumped by ten more points.

Benedetto, Petya and I attended the presentation of a scholarly paper by a young lady with whom Petya had volunteered a couple of years previously. Something was physically wrong with her, affecting her facial expressions and speech. Despite this, and the fact that she required a personal assistant to drive her places, she had earned an M.A. in her field and arrived to the lecture hall confident and composed. Petya strolled over to shake her hand as folks gathered.

At the appointed hour, the young woman presented a very carefully-enunciated talk. Occasionally, her voice sounded robotic, interspersed with tinges of a French accent, almost approximating the comedic Inspector Clousseau. Nevertheless, she showed up and did a beautiful job, afterward fielding questions from the audience.

lecture2Rather remarkable. Many would never attempt such public acts when faced with these challenges, but she pressed on and made the best of it.  No excuses.

I wondered how much more each of us could do if we really convinced ourselves that many previously-unattempted things were not outside the realm of possibility.

Take the first step and just show up. The rest will follow.


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