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Shrieks at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament

It’s a holiday weekend in the U.S., but here I am, at the break of dawn, heading to the tennis courts with my USTA son (more about my coaching career turn of events later).  The whole neighborhood is asleep, but we plod on.  Naturally, our conversation on the speed-walk to the courts turns to the U.S. Open and Victoria Azerenka.

“If you ever shriek like Azerenka, I will smack you on the head,” I warn my son, loving mother that I am.

I try to typify her sound:  “Coo-oo-oo!”  Or, maybe it was “Ka-roo-oo!”  Maybe “irritating” and “grating” can best describe it.  I’m not her mother, but I felt like smacking her for sure.  Instead, I try to focus on the positive.

“She looked good in the blue,” I compliment the Belarusian.  “Did you see that her nailpolish matched?”

“Um, not really,” he laughs.

I figure he needs this information.

“Serena, too,” I note, “red and black dress with red nail polish.  Very nice.”

“Earrings were too big,” he adds.  “How can they play wearing jewelry?”

“It’s a girl thing,” I suggest.

“No, the guys, too,” and he ticks off what each male player wore in terms of chains or necklaces.

My son.

But back to the shrieking.  Maria Sharapova was known for it, too.  Maybe it’s an East Bloc type of thing.

“Would you play for America, or for Russia?” I tease my dual-citizen son.

“Oh, America for sure,” he insists, then thinks twice.  “Russia could try to bribe me, though,”  Petya chuckles.

“Diamonds, dyengi, and a dacha?” I propose.  “The problem is, Russians like Sharapova live here.  Must not be so great to be there….  Plus, she shrieks.”

“Mardy Fish doesn’t scream, Rafael Nadal doesn’t scream.  Is it a girl thing-?” he wonders.

“No, guys can grunt.  Personally, I have no problem with a muted grunt when you’re slamming the ball.   But shrieking?  No….  Think of Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova or Vera Zuonareva, they’re Russian ladies and they’re okay….”

We hit the courts and I put him through his paces with not a single grunt, groan, or shriek to be heard.  One of his coaches had suggested that grunting was a positive thing to focus one’s energy.  I prefer that he keep his eye on the ball and practice fancy footwork, instead.

The serenity of Serena doesn’t seem to be holding her back one bit.  Please, folks, can we stop with the shrieking, and return to sportsmanlike etiquette?  Miss Manners hopes so.



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  1. avatar Greg says:

    I agree! Now a lot of the juniors do it too. I don’t think the end is in sight.

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