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Sick and Sweet or Sickly Sweet

Group of sick children in pajamas on the floorWe’ve all heard the phrase “sickly sweet”, referring to something or someone who is excessively sweet to the point making someone else ill, if that’s possible, lol. Well, I’m developing a theory of my own, based on current events.

You see, in general, our family doesn’t get sick. I make everyone wash their hands once a year, remind them to stop touching their faces, and other helpful tips such as wearing surgical masks 24/7 and never coming in contact with another member of the human race. Despite all that, a few caught a cold last week.

A child who doesn’t feel well can become grumpy and irritated, chicken-souplethargic and depressed in the beginning. They might grow nasty or short-tempered.

However, I’m happy to report that, when they really feel awful, kids grow nicer. It’s not worth their time nor energy to talk back, to bicker with siblings, to put up a fight and resist the parent on every front. They’re too tired.

“Would you like some soup?” I ask about every hour on the hour, knowing that liquids will help.

“Yes, Mama,” they weakly smile.

vitamin-cWe ply them with Vitamin C and zinc and all of the other immune-boosters. We pray for them. We make simple, favorite foods.

“Any slabwee chai?” (weak tea) I inquire sweetly in Russian.

They nod yes and soon thereafter, I send them for a late afternoon nap. They plunge exhausted into bed. Ah, sweet peace.

It’s been awhile since they’ve been sick and I’m thankful for that. Yet, for some of them, sickly-sweet is not so bad…. They’re on the mend, and here’s hoping the sweetness can last.


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