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Sick, Depraved Attack in South Sudan

WAR2-350x250The details will make your skin crawl. The report has come to light one month later.

International aid workers, primarily Americans, were targeted for attack in South Sudan. Living in a protected compound, they never imagined being violently overrun by South Sudanese forces last month who would repeatedly rape, beat and rob them in their residential complex.

While apparently the US Embassy and the next-door UN peacekeeping MSF-clinic-looted-in-RSS-1-300x200force base did not respond to texts, calls and FaceBook pleas for help during the beginning of the four-hour rampage. It took almost two hours for doors to be crowbarred open, while then individuals were hunted down, women subjected to gang rapes and men beaten to a pulp. Victims claim that not a single soldier nor security force responded. With computers, cash and cell phones confiscated and atrocities underway, eventually the calls for assistance ceased.

Something went horribly wrong and all parties need to be held accountable with a full investigation.


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