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Signs of Summer

thPersonally, I’m in the midst of a number of special projects this summer, similar to mergers and acquisitions, time-consuming and not at all allowing me to move forward in other, vital areas. I barely know that it’s summer, other than my now-becoming-sporadic daily power walk. So today, I am recounting the highlights of summer and seeing how many might fit into my schedule… if I really tried… which sort-of defeats the whole point of a laid-back summer.

But not to worry. I’m not sure that I had any laid-back season ever in my Type-A life….

Let’s see. There are cookouts/ barbeques/ grilling in the open air. Fireflies/ lightning bugs.

Going to the beach, whether just for a walk, collecting shells, or surfing, paddle boarding, and swimming. Building romantic-beachsandcastles, writing in the sand, burying a friend or relative up to their neck.

There’s coconut-fragranced sunscreen, pine-scented bug spray and the juicy taste of lemonade or a fresh watermelon slice. Not to mention a just-picked tomato or cucumber right off the vine.

If you’re fortunate enough to be at home, a lingering breakfast with the family. Summer books for the kids to read. A do-it-yourself project such as painting a room.

Dog walks, field trips, chatting at a cafe.

golfGoing to the country club— pool, tennis or golf. Summer storms which mean everyone out of the pool. Adult swim for ten minutes every hour, lol. Whether or not tennis whites are required on the courts? How old does someone have to be to drive a golf cart? How much to tip the snack cart girl.

All of the great questions of life can generally pop up at a country club. That’s why titans of industry usually arise from these ranks rather than from overaged-adolescents playing video games all day in the basement.

Family get-togethers or reunions. Picnics. Dinner on the grounds. Potlucks. Horseshoes. Softball.th

Baseball caps. Sunglasses. Flipflops. Big-brimmed sunhats.

Ice cubes. Slushies. Italian ice. Iced tea. Ice cream!

Ahhh. Summer. Even the idea of it is fun.

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