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Simple Summer S’mores

picture-5No campout, no grill, but still a hankering for S’mores? It’s hard to resist those tasty graham cracker and chocolate “sandwiches” with a hot, roasted marshmallow slid inbetween layers just to melt the chocolate and add further goo to the great snack.

Well, Petya has been dessert-free for some time and he decided one1000039942_main night after a big tennis workout that he really had to have something fun. Sugar-free Jello was not going to do it. We had some gigantic, fist-sized marshmallows left over from their campout (and for the record, they chocolatenow make square and flat marshmallows specifically for S’mores layering, but what adventure is that for kids if everything stays in its proper place?).

You can make these in the microwave in under one minute. Who can argue with that?

Here’s the “recipe” if you can even call it that-!Marshmallow

1. Take a small, microwaveable glass bowl.

2. Place inside the bowl a couple of squares of milk chocolate, or toss some chocolate chips in to cover the bottom.

3. If you want, add a tablespoon of peanut butter on top of the chocolate.

4. Melt this in the micro for 30 seconds till soft.

smores-on-a-spoon_wm-640x4255. Take out, place one big marshmallow standing up like a soldier on top of the goo.

6. Back in the micro for 15 seconds. Watch it puff up like a lava cake!

7. Remove and eat with a spoon. Or, I would imagine you could scoop it out like a dip with graham crackers and it would be more authentic than ever.

Enjoy, people! Then run around the block ten times.


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