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Sincerity of the Signers

America’s Declaration of Independence is a unique document in that its signers had a lot to lose.  These brave men risked their lives, families, and possessions.  They were not poor peasants revolting for a better life.  Instead, these were the landed gentry who had little to personally gain, yet felt compelled to stand against the tyranny of the Crown.

And in gaining freedom, numbers of the 56 signers were labelled traitors by the British, captured, and tortured before they died.  Many had their homes and lands ransacked and destroyed.  Some had wives that died in prison, and sons who died on the battlefield.  Their children dispersed.  There were those who lived on the run for the rest of their days, educated men who died in poverty, and bankrupt.

For the support of the Declaration, they pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.  Because of them, we are free.  Because of others who serve today, we are free.

Thank you for your sacrifices and sincerity in the face of such high stakes.  May Divine Providence continue to protect and bless all who love freedom.



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