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Sleep Deprivation and Psychosis

Sleep-DeficitI am concerned about someone who’s been working too much, going ‘round the clock and actually exhibiting a change in personality. Not for the better.

She has transformed so much, in such negative ways, that I began to research what temporary or long-term sleep deprivation could do to a person. Studies indicate that the mental deterioration associated with sleep deficits can mimic… psychotic symptoms.  Some suggest that severe post-partum struggles, for instance, might not be due to changing hormones as much as to simple sleep deprivation.

That’s pretty serious and I’ve noticed out-of-character attitudes and behaviors. In this particular case, there’s been moodiness, thirritability and an uncooperative attitude, paranoia as though friends are plotting against her and an expressionless appearance as her usual smile has faded away.

By no means is this simple crankiness after a poor night’s sleep. This is a totally-altered person doing a 180 for no good reason, a personality change that’s downright frightening, that cannot be attributed to any other outside influence. The distorted perceptions, depression, becoming socially withdrawn and feelings of suspicion and agitation are presented instead of the usual, upbeat demeanor for which she is known. When questioned by myself, she remained unable to explain what had happened to precipitate the change.

out-of-orderI stayed with her, pointing out the irrationality of her thinking. This was so unlike her. And then it dawned on me: the exhausting schedule she had been keeping due to vastly increased responsibilities.

Sleep deficits can be that injurious to the body and the mind. Go to bed early or catch a quick nap when you can. Your mental efficiency and perception of reality may hang in the balance.


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