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Sleepy-Walking in Public

sleepwalkingNo, that’s not sleep-walking, that’s sleepy-walking! Have you ever left the house still wearing your slippers? You don’t wear slippers? How did I know that?

It could be anything from a mud mask on your face while out with the dog for “one minute”, or a roller in your hair, or for guys— you forgot to shave.

Oh no— that won’t work for illustrative purposes— stubble is actually in style.

The other day, we met someone new and I asked the kids if they noticed anything different about her. Only our

A man sleep walking with his pillow

A man sleep walking with his pillow

oldest caught it— her clothes were inside-out.

But she was going through a lot at the time….

Here’s my story from a day ago. I had been up most of the night combing over legal documents in another language, e-mailing back and forth. Kinda tired. Maybe 1-2 hours’ sleep. Traveling with the family and the dogs through a blinding, torrential rainstorm. Misha is getting better with his shaking and quaking during storms, but still, he was in my lap, stuck solid as I held him like a baby.

ostrich-pillow-liteI tried to doze. A couple of hours later, around 6:00 am, we came to the first rest stop. Generally, I would hop out and run to the ladies’ room while Benedetto gets enough gas to keep our the oil-producing nations happy. This time, I told him I would stay put since the rain was so heavy, it would slice through any umbrella.

After gas, it finally let up somewhat, and Benedetto said, “Go ahead. You can run inside now,” as he pulled close to the building.

So I said okay and told him I was leaving my purse and phone behind, just dashing in for two seconds. I left the dog and the baby blanket that he normally uses. In I went.

I was almost inside the second set of double doors at the convenience store when I felt it: I was still wearing my pinkwoman-in-red-shirt-with-long-hair-inhaling neck pillow… with my red jacket and black dress slacks.

I’M WALKING AROUND AS THOUGH IN MY RIGHT MIND, WHILE WEARING MY PINK NECK PILLOW-! I snatched the thing off of my neck and kept right on going, lol.

Have you ever been caught sleepy-walking?


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