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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

slow-and-steadyWe live in an instant-food, instant-communication society. With a zap of the microwave or the click of a mouse, all happens at a very rapid pace which can skew our thinking when it comes to other matters of life. The bottom line that nobody wants to admit anymore: some things just take time.

And in these cases, “slow and steady wins the race”.

The phrase comes from Aesop’s fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Two unequal partners, the turtle and the rabbit, run a race, illustrating the fact that “the race is not always to the swift”, as the Bible would say. The tortoise comes out on top, instructing us that consistency and perseverance outweigh speed.

It’s certainly true in relationships, which should generally not be rushed. But apply this to wannabe students lacking funds for college: what if part-time university took eight years rather than four, allowing for a part-time job? One would graduate debt-free.

What if we learned a foreign-language word-a-day? Doesn’t seem like much, yet at the end of the year, even for those studying just five slow-and-steadydays per week, we would have an effort-free vocabulary boost of approximately 250 more words, which could naturally apply to beefing up our English vocabulary, as well.

What if we cleaned for 15 minutes a day? The worst pile-makers and hoarders would see a dent in the work at hand after just a couple of weeks.

Apply this principle to exercise, life-planning, house repairs, Bible-reading, money-saving, news-watching, spouse-nurturing. Small, intentional, incremental amounts of time add up.

Steady-growthWhy don’t we do this, then? Slow and steady is not very exciting, let’s face it. At times, it may be monotonous. We prefer miraculous. A big burst of speed and we’re over and out. Done. Finished. Completed.

But never underrate the power of plugging away. It will get you to your intended destination if you simply stick with it.


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