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S’more-like Dreidl Desserts

fileI was perusing an issue of Woman’s Day magazine and came across the most amazing recipe, perfect for a Hanukkah dessert or snack. They looked like small dreidls, or the spinning tops, generally played with during the holiday. The ingredients made me think: S’mores on a stick!

Here’s what you need to gather: thin pretzel sticks for handles, about 30 regular-sized marshmallows, the same number of Hershey’s chocolate kisses, chocolate chips to melt, candy melts in blue (or white and add some food color), and white icing to pipe a design on the finished product.

It’s a fun project with which the kids can assist you. There are a few steps, but the end result file1is worth it.

Here we go:

Push the pretzel sticks fully into the flat ends of the marshmallows, but not exiting the other end. After melting the chocolate chips, place a dollop on the end of the marshmallow without the pretzel and use the chocolate “mortar” to attach a chocolate kiss to the bottom, flat side to flat side. This makes it look like a dreidl with a pointed bottom.

file-1Cool in refrigerator to harden about 30 minutes depending on dollop size of melted chocolate.

Roll in the melted blue (or white colored with blue) candy to cover sides and bottoms, not the top side with the pretzel. Place on a tray covered with waxed paper. One side will become flat, but that way they will not roll off of any later serving tray or plate.

When the blue coating solidifies after a few minutes at room temperature, take a tube of file2white icing and place a Hebrew symbol like a Jewish star, or maybe the letter nun, gimmel, heh, or shin (the icing tends to be tricky and squiggly, though!). The letters stand for “Ness gadol haya sham” – A great miracle happened there – and one letter is traditionally placed on each of the four sides of the dreidl (although only one is required to give our treats an authentic touch).

file3This refers to the miracle of the rededication of the Temple in 165 BC when the oil for the menorah miraculously lasted for 8 days until more oil could be brought from afar.

I brought these dreidls to a recent reception and they flew off the trays-!

As we begin 2017, we all need a little light and warmth from above to guide our way.file-4

A happy and healthy New Year 2017 to all of you, my friends!


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