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Snoring Problem Solved-!

thLast September, I wrote about my husband’s snoring problem.  Actually, it was my problem, having to hear the cross between a jet plane overhead and a vacuum cleaner nearby.  The decibel range was deadly.

Trying this and that, we came up with a fairly non-invasive solution.  I mean, we didn’t need to gag him, or chop off his nose.  So, I will share with you, my special readers, the secret potion that gave me some well-deserved silence and shut-eye.

Here it is:

1.  Put something like a Breathe Right strip across the nose.  (This alone never worked for him, but it’s a41sA-uAc63L._SS500_ start to semi-open the nasal passages.)

2.  Buy a regular Nasal Spray (non-medicated) at the drugstore.  This is a watery mist that will be sprayed in the nose.

3.  The piece de resistance:  Peppermint Oil (if you can find it) to be sprayed in the throat.  Barring this, Benedetto gets FRD-00646-0a strong, sugar-free lozenge for his throat (something like a Fisherman’s Friend).  Wow, I wonder if he could choke to death in his sleep…?

Anyway, this combo of the big three turned out to work for us.  Hope it helps you, too!

Ah…peace…sweet peace….



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  1. avatar Leah says:

    This is an answer to prayer, now I will definitely pass this tip on to DH! It could be revolutionary for us!

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