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Snow Day for the Scotties

Hello, are you following me? ~GrishaImage

Welcome to the urban blizzard, we are Misha and Grisha, the famous Scottish Terriers of the Bartologimignano family! Whenever we hear of snow coming, it delights us. You see, waaaaay back when, in our family history, our ancestors lived in the highlands of Scotland.

So when Snowmageddon was headed toward us this week, we became quite excited. Here’s a photoblog of our snowy adventures….

Image-3I see you now— no autographs today— I need to play! ~Grisha

Wandering along this lovely park setting… la-la-la…. Hey! You ARE following me! Tell me, does my nose look bigger in the snow? You can see my beard graying, I wish I could say it’s the snow… but… (sigh)… I’m getting older… even though I’m the younger…. ~Grisha Image-2

Well, I’m here, too! And I think I enjoy the snow even more than my little friend! Don’t show this pic to my human-mom Alexandra— she will be upset that the kids took me Image-5out— even for a photo shoot— without my warm sweater! That’s what mothers are for, not to mention rubbing my belly, feeding me good food…. ~Misha

All of this exercise is making me hungry-! Do I smell something cooking…? Yum! ~Misha Image-4

Yes, food! I’m talking to you! Anything in your pocket? ~Misha

Okay, enough with the chit-chat! Let’s run like banshees and chase some squirrels! -Grisha Image-7

And so the two friends, brothers if you will, headed off for regions beyond. Following their adventure, they were rubbed off with warm towels and brushed and blow-dried. Ahh… so nice to be a pampered pooch on a snow day!


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