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Snow: Love It or Hate It?

6a00d83452060169e2017c3483f547970b-500wiWhat’s not to love about snow?  (Boston, don’t answer that.)  Nothing, if you’re about 10 years old.

Everything is wonderful—from snowmen, snowballs, and snow angels to forts, icicles, and sledding. There’s skiing, whether downhill or cross-country. There’s snowboarding and snowmobiling. Not to mention hot chocolate, hot soup, and hot anything else whether pizza, wings, or fondue.

You run, you play, you battle. You shake tree boughs and bushes, releasing them from the weight of the wet snow.

And then you come inside and dump all of those wet clothes… for Washhington DC Copes With Messy Winter Stormsomeone else to handle.

Meanwhile, as a teen or adult, you worry about school or work closings. Is it a two-hour delay, an absolute shut-down, or business-as-usual? If we take time off now, will we have to go to school in the summer, or will money be taken out of our paycheck?

Our oldest son is learning about these things.

snowstormShould he ask for a ride to the office (can’t drive himself because there’s no parking there), or should he try to hoof it there through the drifts and ice? It’s only a number of blocks, maybe a half a mile at the most. But it can get icy.

He remembers years ago when we were about to adopt him from Russia. At last, we received the call that we could return to his region, have court, and bring him home. His father and I went out for a celebratory lunch, Benedetto slipped on an icy sidewalk and fell, breaking his ankle in three places and delaying our departure by about six weeks.

We showed up with my husband on crutches and me wheeling our bags across the snowy tundra of Russian terrain.IMG_1463

“You arrre strrrong Rassshian voman!” local men commented with admiration.

Any adult facing snow has to be strong which is probably why so many move south as soon as they grow older. Who wants to shovel? Deal with drippy boots? Load the car with emergency items such as blankets, water, flares and flashlights, salt or kitty litter, energy bars, and a yes, a shovel?

That’s why winter getaway resorts are so popular. Skiing, skating, innertubing, snowboarding with no muss and no fuss. It’s basically the only way that adults can return to the joys of childhood cold and snow with none of the responsibilities.

I think I need a resort right now-!


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  1. avatar Leah says:

    At least you have power in your part of the world! Waaahhh! But it is beautiful.

    • avatar admin says:

      Are you saying you don’t have power, Leah? Hopefully it’s coming and going, at least, if you’re on the internet. Or maybe you’re camping out in an office or hotel? Our prayers are with you!

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