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Snow Prep for DC/ MD/ VA

snowstormSnowmageddon is coming, they say.  A blizzard to the US mid-Atlantic East Coast.  Let’s all pray for safety and commonsense (stay home!) for all involved. Meanwhile, make preparations, if you have not, already. Meaning: bread, milk and toilet paper.

If the grocery store shelves are already bare in your area (that started around Tuesday… hopefully some restocked) and the snows are not coming until Friday afternoon, you still have time for snow preparations.

For instance, if there is no bread, buy flour and bake some. Really, there’s time. Buy a blueberry muffin milk-bread-eggs.jumix, add an egg, some water, whatever it says, bake and voila— something extra to eat.

Power might go out, so stock up on water and if there is no water in the stores, you can always bring in snow and let it melt. No heat? Use the fireplace if you have one— bring firewood close to the front or back porch.  Otherwise, gather blankets.

2660_blackWe always find it helpful to cover a car or key bushes with a tarp— if it’s going to snow 3-5 inches per hour, just keep lifting it off once an hour or so— much easier than digging through THREE FEET OF SNOW.

If you wonder how people in the Adirondacks or wherever do beachthis, consider: they have garages, they have plug-in engine heaters for the car, they are USED TO IT. We are not (spoken as someone who grew up in an area with about six months of snow each year…).

Should all else fail, there’s still time to get out of town. Head south. Meanwhile, try to stay home. Here are some last-minute tips.

SNOWMENKeep gas in the car.
If you have a fireplace, have some wood handy.
Keep a supply of canned food and water.
Charge all cell phones and batteries. Then charge the battery chargers.
Cover your car with a tarp if it’s outside.
Kittie litter and salt both work on sidewalks. Salt works better, is not as dirty, but is harmful to pet paws.
Shovel periodically and take breaks.
Dress warmly…in layers. Those with heart problems will be more protected the more layers they utilize.
Dust off bushes with a broom to avoid heavy weight accumulating and branches snapping.

These few precautions will help tremendously from the smallest amount of precipitation to the heaviest accumulation. Be safe, everyone! Report in on your conditions. Praying for you!


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