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Spackling Away the Cracks

spackleFive years ago, Washington, DC, experienced an earthquake. Not really normal in these parts, but plenty of damage to large structures from the Washington Monument to the National Cathedral. And repairs continue.

In light of that, having five spare minutes inbetween major proposals and projects, I decide I will singlehandedly repair our home. With numerous residential renovations under my belt, rehabbing a home or building is a walk in the park.

Or used to be. It’s been awhile. The ladder has grown rickety. I climb aboard, holding my tub of spackle, or “mud” as we call it. The ladder sways. I am leaning backwards, Michelangelo-style, filling hairline cracks above my head. I grow dizzy, but move the ladder from room to room.

Some of the hairline cracks have grown to jagged lightning bolt shapes-! Yikes. Workmen are not always ladderavailable when we might accommodate them, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this myself.

I move on to a back door, cracked and blistered through the ravages of time more than any earthquake. The pocked paint has proven too hard to remove, so I vow to spackle the whole door, panel by panel. My spackle knife takes forever and doesn’t do the best job. It’s difficult to skim the surface smoothly. I wonder if this is how my face feels with my cosmetic layers shoveled on each morning, lol-!

Pressed for time, with a whole bunch that will need to be painted after the sanding of Phase II, I take matters into my own hands, scooping out a huge handful of what could almost pass for marshmallow fluff. I slather it over the door, like a potter would work detail-viewwith clay.

Now we’re moving. This is speed spackling. Rapidly restoring the entire door, I may never look at a putty knife the same way. I push it right into wherever the mud needs to go and voila— I find that slapping it on works just fine.

Do you have any jobs that might benefit from a speed spackling of sorts?


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