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Speaking Up for Those With No Voice

41466_506211576_412_nThere are needs around the world:  orphans abandoned in Russia, women gang-raped in India and now in Syrian homes, and converts to Christianity from years ago now imprisoned in Egypt and in Iran.  These human rights abuses continue unabated, and while one understands other nations not wanting to become involved, there must be a public outcry.

Last week, a 15-year prison sentence was meted to a woman and her seven children by an Egyptian court for converting to Christianity.  What’s especially surprising was that Nadia Mohamed Ali was raised as a Christian, converted to Islam for her marriage 23 years ago, and after her husband’s death started the conversion process back to Christianity in 2006 in order to secure an inheritance from her family, with her children joining her in the move.

Under new Sharia law in Egypt, a criminal court in Beni Suef in the middle of the country moved against the family with the severe, 15-year prison sentence.

Similar persecutions face an Iranian-American pastor visiting in Iran in order to start building an orphanage there. 223 Pastor Saeed Abedini collected donations of over $100,000 in a bank account that was seized by the government, while he was thrown into one of the most notorious prisons in July 2012 because of his conversion from Islam to Christianity a dozen years ago. The 32-year-old husband and father has been tortured and a sham trial is scheduled before a “hanging judge” this Monday.

While our country gears up to celebrate both the Inauguration and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, let us remember those who are not so free, and speak out on their behalf.  May the White House, the State Department, Congressional representatives, and members of the press continue to put pressure on foreign nations with abysmal human and religious rights.




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  1. avatar Karen says:

    I’m going to begin writing e-mails. We all have a part to play in assisting persecuted people. Thank you for bringing this to our attnention.

    • avatar admin says:

      Go for it, Karen! Every one person who writes or speaks up, often represents at least 1,000 who feel the same way… but who never act. May we never just look the other way.

  2. avatar Sybil says:

    Through my adult life I have often said, “the world’s people never learn from all of the past experiences”. Now again, I say it. How can we go on and on through the centuries and all of the horrendous occurrences keep happening. The name of the people’s identity may be different and the circumstances just a bit different but essentially the same. We have come so far with computers and medicine and science and space programs and we are still so primitive.

    • avatar admin says:

      That’s exactly what it is, Sybil, “primitive”. It is “hurt someone else before they hurt you”, full of mistrust and fear. The heart of man is the last frontier to conquer.

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