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Spring Break Packing Marathon

packing_suitcaseBecause our family lives in a couple of locales on a weekly basis, we know how to pack. I generally review with the children what the upcoming temperatures will be, along with any specific events or obligations coming our way. That way, everyone’s clear on what clothes to have on hand.


Because occasionally items are misplaced, they sprout legs or wings and disappear, or other acts of chaos ensue. It happens.

Spring break called for a very quick getaway, however, I was not in the same city as the rest of the family in order to plan. So I put a packinglist-Clothescall in each day to move things along. They needed to pack regular items and highly-specific things.

Dog food for little guys. Check.

Basic food staples for us, given our remote setting. Check.

Casual, but nice clothing, in case of paparazzi. Check.

planningReservations at sites along the way. Check. Check.

The change in temperatures this time of year keeps it interesting. Best to throw in a few extra items for hot or cold environs.

Our trips are like a well-oiled military-machine-on-march. The pre-departure prep allows for wonderful spontaneity-within-structure while there.

Or is that an oxymoron?


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