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Spring Cleaning Surprises

springcleanIt’s that time of year when we clear away the old, the dark, the dusty and lighten up for spring and summer. Since my time comes and goes in fits and spurts, I grab whatever morsel I have whenever I can, and clean, clean, clean.

Closets and shelves and counters and storage bins need to be organized. Honestly, the refrigerator needs to be organized. I would ask our second son, Pasha, to straighten and categorize, but he once did the pantry so well that nobody could find thanything there ever again.

But it looked neat and he did a wonderful job.

Our lifestyle is such that we often have to leave projects or possessions midstream. Which turns into a mess, and stacks, and piles, if we don’t watch it.

Anyhow, recognizing that Rome was not built in a day, even though it burned in about a day, I carved out a few minutes to spring-clean-begin rearranging this and that. Which naturally, turned into an even greater mess before it got any better.

And what did I find, but long-lost items: a fantastic DVD that Petya and I immediately watched (while I sorted through another huge basket of items in case you think I used that as an excuse to slack off…), as well as random makeup, books, and declutter1clothes, depending on the locale. Bottom line: the end result was truly beneficial, even though it was limited in scope.

To the untrained eye, probably nobody would know that I lifted a finger. Sigh. But I am whittling away and shall prevail.


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  1. avatar Leah says:

    While I may hate cleaning or organizing, I love the outcome! Kudos to you for wading through it. Don’t forget there are professional organizers out there too.

    • avatar admin says:

      Good thinking, Leah, thanks! I did use a professional organizer once a few years back. Amazing that she didn’t run in terror…. At this point, we may require a professional hauling company. I’m thinking that if the kids need to be engaged in school this summer, maybe I can offer them a “break” of sorts to go through our buried treasures… lol….

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