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Spring Safety Precautions

main-fire-4_3_r536_c534Depending on where you are in the world, your family might be making snowmen or taking a stroll on the beach.  Along with renewed activities and vigors comes the opportunity for disaster, often disasters that may be prevented with a bit of forethought.

In a neighboring community not from our dacha, fire likely caused by “human activity” swept through 26 condo buildings in less than an hour this week.  Almost 200 people became homeless in an instant, while thankfully, there were no known fatalities.  Residents were often awakened by neighbors pounding on their doors.

Did they have working smoke alarms?  With high winds and dry temperatures, unless a fire is already in your smokeDetectorhouse, one never knows if they would help with a fire approaching from the outside.  Our own fire alarms started peeping recently, indicating low battery power, and sure enough, it was around the time of turning our clocks forward, an excellent reminder in the spring or fall to update those batteries.

Swimming lessons are another lifesaver if you’ll be visiting the pool or beach.  All of our kids took classes before they fully spoke English.  I received permission to be poolside with some of them, calling out instructions in Russian, while the teacher acted out the stroke or position before them.  Never mind that our youngest felt that she was there to “make new friends” (i.e., chat non-stop with others, rather than pay attention), or play with pool noodles.  She had the time of her life while flunking the final exams.

private-swimming-lessonsOh well, she went the next year, and did much better.  This was the one, who, when we headed to the ocean, immediately headed out to the farthest point from shore….

Springtime can be dangerous.

Your local police and/or fire department may be involved with local youth.  Some of our children received free bicycle helmet giveaways during a spring safety drive.  The police made sure that they fit securely and that the straps were tightened properly.

Be safe this spring!  What a wonderful time of year.



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