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Springtime Archaeological Digs

picture_21Putting Russia on hold for the moment while the story continues to reach epic proportions, we turn our sights to… archaeological sites. Many opportunities arise as spring arrives and most likely Petya and I will head to a few for varying lengths of time. Which brings up the issue of what kind of digs are available for archaeological digs.

Where does one stay?

Well, the scientific answer befitting the field is: It all depends.

You might stay literally in a field when you’re out in the field. Roll out the sleeping bags under the night stars, with or without a tent.

Could be in a fleabag, “economy” hotel, like the one where we stayed and I had to explain to Petya why thereeconomy-inn was a metal bottle cap opener attached to the bedroom wall. These are the little charming touches that he knows nothing about as a sheltered teen, never having been exposed to passing headlights repeatedly shining into windows.

Never mind that his early years were spent in a two-room shack in Russia, huge fault lines separating plaster from concrete block, the couple of windows falling out of their frames and somewhat mirroring those eyeglasses with fake eyeballs sproinging out on mini-slinkies. A chicken pecked in the pounded earthen, muddy path. Those days were long gone.

But now, what’s this? A yurt? You know, those heavy, round Mongolian tents? With air-conditioning? But no WiFi at night and… oh my… we share it with other folks in a state park, eight to a tent.

Traditional asian yurt made of hide and using since 9th century BC

Now, that would be an adventure. But I’d rather limit any surprises to those found while excavating squares. After a hard day out in the elements, digging away, we need semi-decent digs with running water, even if it’s a nearby stream or simply a bucket of water over the head.  We’ll leave bathrooms for another day….

This is what my glamorous life has come to. How the mighty are fallen! At least I’m not climbing into a cave to spend the night, yet.


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