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Stop Sitting Down on the Job

pMany of us sit for hours each day. It might be in the car, at the office, in the sports stands, at the school. But sitting makes us sick and must be shunned like the plague. For a few years, doctors have been saying that sitting is the new smoking.

It’s just that bad.

Sitting increases the chance of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and joint pain. It slows the metabolism and shortens the lifespan.


The medical community concurs that any amount of normal or even excessive/ compensatory exercise will not make up for sitting. This one thing literally saps your life.

What to do? Get up as often as possible. I’ve heard that every hour or so, you should take a 10-minute walk or break. I personally don’t know of many industries or offices where such an hourly break is possible. However, I’d be willing to stand up and walk around for maybe a minute every treadmill-work30 minutes.

Would that help?

Or, a standing desk could work. Not so sure about a slow-walking treadmill desk. That sounds like fun, but how can a person concentrate or type while walking?

I knew before about this danger of sitting, but now it’s come to my attention again. It seems so benign, but it’s not. Basically, I’ve decided not to stand for sitting so much, if that makes sense, lol. How about you—do you sit much?


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