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Stranded in Sinai

stuckWhile I wrestle with raccoons in the rafters here, I realize: it could be worse. It could be much, much worse. I could be one of the tens of thousands of passengers stranded in Sinai and going nowhere fast. As of a few days ago, 20,000 UK travelers and 30-40,000 Russian tourists were stuck with no flights out of Egypt and specifically, Sharm el-Sheikh, hot on the heels of the explosion which killed 224 Russian passengers departing on an airliner out of Sinai.

It’s a shame. But it’s a risk you take when traveling to a land known for still stuckterrorism. I mean… Egypt??? Sure, there are resorts along the Red Sea, just like there are pockets of resorts in Mexico, nevertheless, you’re taking risks that most sane folks would not take.

Bali used to be a hot destination. Then the tsunami hit. Never mind the tranquil beaches, the country didn’t have the early warning weather devices that most civilized countries depend on.

nigeriaWhen researching a travel destination, ask more than “How much?” and “What’s there to do?” That’s what the internet is for — to get an idea of what a country is like, long before you make reservations. Check out the US State Department travel advisories.

Believe me, I’ve journeyed to many hotspots all over the world. I dangeralmost feel as though we don’t head to a destination unless it’s listed on some kind of alert list. However, we’ve been given brains for a reason. Not every day will you be able to dodge the bullet if you’re running in front of a loaded gun.

Use some common sense, folks. No get-away tourist destination is 100% safe, but you can help tip the odds in your favor.


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